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Copy and Print

We offer id photo shooting and printing services in Alexandra. Our ID photos are taken by professional photographer and are clear lighted to demands of most organization the uses them. If you are in need of ID photos, look no further but Verohs Internet Cafe Alexandra

Binding services are now closer to Alexandra. We offer the most competitive binding services in Alex. We make ring binding with clear plastic cover which makes your document look professional

We print booklets, We print Brochures, We print to A4 - A0, We print to fine, linen and glossy paper medias, We do a number of different types of printing, but don't take my word for it, we don't just do printing. At Verohs Internet Cafe, we never compromise on quality. We make sure we provide only the best quality print at the most competitive prices money can buy. We provide a wide variety of printing such as, Black and White, High Quality Colour printing, Printing from web, Printing from Phones, Printing from customer computers, Printing of all sorts of artworks to all sorts of pepper medias. Papper media such as 160gsm, 180, plain, linen, glossy and many more paper media.

Have you ever laminated a document and only to have bubbles left that loosen your document plastic in few months period? Now try Verohs Internet Cafe Alexandra branch lamination service. We said it already and i will say it again, Verohs Internet Cafe don't compromise on quality. Verohs Internet Cafe has one of the best laminating machine brand for copy and print shop the world has ever offered. When your document goes through our laminating machine, Expect to see no bubble but to receive a tightly sealed plastic with no room for bubbling ever. Visit one of our shops for a lamination service if what i say is not what you get please review or better yet ask for a refund. Lamination service in Alexandra will never be the same.

One of Verohs Internet Cafe strongly and dearly held value, is our commitment to quality services. What would quality service mean in internet cafe business with out Quality, First and powerful computers? We understand that very well, that's the reason why we only parade update state of the art computing and processing power. We have the most capable and first processing computer machines connect to high speed internet connection from the best Internet service providers as our strategic partners.

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