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We are not gonna say we are the best logo designing company in Johannesburg, nor are we going to say we are the leading logo designing agency in Johannesburg. But Verohs Internet Cafe home for a team of creative, passionate, and the most accommodating graphics designers with a creative drive and burning desire to produce unique, quality and professional business logo at an amazingly and rarely found price in South Africa.

Why Verohs Internet Cafe For Your Logo Design?

  • Have you seen how much money do these so called logo design companies charge for a single logo design service?
  • Have you seen how they limit the number of reviews you can make for your logo design service?
  • Have you seen how unclose they are from you during your logo design project?
  • Have you seen how hard it is for them to understand that its hard for you to formulate that idea out of your mind and that you need more time, patience and guidance in order to bring your idea to a professional unique logo design as a product?


At Verohs internet Cafe, we work closely with our clients from idea to satisfaction.

  • We don’t limit the number of reviews to satisfaction
  • We offer logo design services to start-ups, small and large business
  • We take your logo design from idea to a full professionally designed logo
  • We understand that formulating your logo design idea to a full proffesional logo design is not easy so we give you all the suport, guidance and patience you need, we never rush you.
  • Our logo design service pricing will suprise you. For the quality of product you receive you will be praising the day you came to Verohs Intenet Cafe.

Contact us now for your logo design in South Africa.